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 How make a good post

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PostSubject: How make a good post   Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:10 pm

These are the new rules when you post a problem. Note that these rules will be strictly followed.
Disregarding these rules will result in a CLOSED & REMOVED topic.

Rules of "Your Problems" section are fairly easy.

1. Start with a proper title that clarifys your problem.
2. In the post, mention ALL details like account name, character, items, how your problem has occured and when.
3. Provide a screenshot/movie or any other proof accepted methode. A .ksc ScreenShot will ALWAYS be accepted
4. If anyone else (except topic author or a proper GM) posts in your topic, please give useful information. If you do not, then you have no right to interfere with the authors problem. (Violating this rule several times can result in a mute or temp ban for the violator). Only post on other people's topic if you are willing to vouche for them.
5. Do not make multiple topics. (Wait for a GM to get to you)
6. Do not spam 'Bump/Up' topic. GM's will look at all topics.
7. We do not support scamming, be very carefull with trading. It's your own responsability. We will still ban scammers, but we do NOT return the items.If you don't trust the person you are trading with you can call in a GM to help you with the trade. You both give the items to the GM and he'll give it to the one you want to trade with. before doing this make sure the GM is a real GM by PM'ing on the forum or MSN.

Follow these Rules and you shall have no problem in Your Problems sections.

please follow the forms below, in case you lost your password, please send your "private" information to the associated Gm. Do not write things like passwords,secret code and email in a topic. Sensitive information like this does not concern normal players.

Hacked/lost account:

Acc name:
Chars name on that acc:
Last time you logged in:
Old pw:
Email address used while register account:

Lost items!

Acc name:
Char name:
Last log in time:
Date/time when u lost them:
Explain how you lost them:
List of items:

If any of information is incorrect GM's will not respond to your request!

Scamming will not be tolerated, if you do so there will be consequences!

Every topic who wont be made by following this guide will be closed and ignored.


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How make a good post
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