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 S> My Account + Item For RM Malaysia

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PostSubject: S> My Account + Item For RM Malaysia   Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:19 pm

My account : Nps 103K
List of item :
Mythril Set Reverse
Rogue Shell Set Reverse
Red Chitin Mage Set
4 part Red Chitin Rogue
Raum - CHD reverse
Windforce Reverse
Eagle Eye Reverse
Helenid +10
Chitin Shield +0 - +8
3x Scroll Reverse

Accessories :
2x Legionnaire Band +5
1x ROF +4
1x Iron Belt +3
1x Iron Neck +3
2x HR +4
2x Mino +3
1x EME +3

Have some quest item : 1nc , and other more
have some item craps in inn hosted .
but only for RM Malaysia
Payment : Molpoints at cybercafe or 7Eleven
Seriously Selling!
Thanks you!
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S> My Account + Item For RM Malaysia
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