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PostSubject: UNDYING SCROLL   Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:44 pm

Dear Knight

We Have Little Information about Undying Scroll

what is it?

Undying scroll is a scroll for make your HP bigger than hp buff 2k

Where I can get it ?

Donation (only USD 6 / Rp 50k) and change with your NPS 50k

Why I must have undying scroll?

1. you can make your hp bigger
2. you can make your Friends HP bigger too

How I use it ?

1 if you use it to your char just click it
2 if you use to your friend just click to your friend and select your scroll so your friend automaticly get undying.

NB ;
1. Undying scroll bug for your screen but its work. we will repair it with new patch ASAP


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