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PostSubject: NEW ZONE FOR PRIMEVAL   Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:16 am


- NetKO telah membuka zona baru yg di nama kan "Primeval Farming Zone". Tempat masuk di LUNAR VALLEY (Sama kayak Lunar War).
- Zona ini akan di buka hanya 4x setiap hari (12 SIANG, 6 SORE, 12 SUBUH & 6 PAGI) WIB selama 30 menit. Dalam 30 menit ini, Ronark Land/CZ akan di TUTUP.
- Players dapat melakukan PvP & farming di dalam zona baru ini.
- Ada monument di tengah zone yg drop 2ribu National Points apabila dapat di hancurkan.


- NetKO had released a new zone called "Primeval Farming Zone". Entrance will be in Lunar Vally (Same as going to Lunar War).
- This zone will open 4x daily (12 Noon, 6 PM, 12 AM (00:00), 6 AM) GMT +7 for 30 minutes. Within this 30 minutes, Ronark Land/CZ will be CLOSED.
- Players will be able to Pvp & farming inside this new zone.
- There will be a monument in the middle of the zone which drop 2K National Points when destroyed.

Primeval Weapon Screenshots: http://s1083.photobucket.com/albums/j395/weleh23/Primeval%20Items/
Donation: USD25 / Rp250ribu / RM80

Monsters & Drops in Primeval Farming Zone:

Maho (200 NP)
Primeval Fire Blade +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

TusboL (200 NP)
Primeval Great Sword +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

Semak Semak (200 NP)
Primeval Halberd +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

Jus Timun (200 NP)
Primeval Silverwing +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

Burit (200 NP)
Elemental Primeval Staff +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

Stroke (200 NP)
Primeval Ice Breaker +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

Alibi (200 NP)
Aegis Of Primeval +7 (100%)
1x Water of bless (1040 HP Pot) (30%)

***WATER OF BLESS TIDAK DI DONASIKAN. Hanya drop di Zona Primeval Farming & FT Rewards AJA***
***WATER OF BLESS IS NOT DONATION ITEM. It will be dropped in Primeval Farming Zone & FT Rewards ONLY***[/center]

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